Extra wide shoes for swollen feet designed to provide comfort

maternity shoes for swollen feet

When you’re dealing with swollen feet, it can be hard to find the right shoes. Most stores don’t carry wide sizes, and your doctor might not recommend that you wear open-back shoes in case of infection. Luckily, we got some recommendations for you and have seen a fair share of patients with swollen feet. This blog on swollen feet shoes will help you find the right shoes for your swollen feet. The first recommendation is to take it easy on yourself. Swollen feet are a common pregnancy symptom, so don’t feel wrong about needing extra-wide shoes for swollen feet. You have plenty of time to get back into your regular footwear. To deal with that, maternity shoes for swollen feet are the best option.

Shoes for swollen feet and ankles

  • Ankle-high shoes are the perfect choice when it comes to swollen feet.
  • They’re easy to slip on and off, which makes them great for people with swollen feet.
  • They’re comfortable, so you can wear them all day long without feeling pain or discomfort in your ankles or toes.
  • If you’re dealing with swelling in both feet and ankles, specially designed men’s shoes for swollen feet and ankles can be a good option because they’ll take pressure off the affected area while still giving support where needed.
  • Ankle-high footwear is also ideal for individuals with arthritis or diabetes who may have difficulty bending over due to the pain caused by either condition.

Open-back special shoes for swollen feet 

Open-back shoes are the best option for swollen feet. This is because they provide more ventilation and breathing room, which helps treat swelling. Open-back shoes are also more likely to have a higher arch, wider toe box and heel. If you’re looking for a pair of open-back shoes, opt for ones with an airy mesh or breathable fabric. You should also ensure that your footwear has plenty of room in the toe box and arch area, allowing air to circulate freely around your feet.

Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are more convenient than lace-up shoes and can also be easier to get on when you have swollen feet. Slip-on styles come in so many different designs that finding one you like won’t be difficult.

maternity shoes for swollen feetSuppose you have arthritis, diabetes or other mobility issues that make it difficult to bend down and tie your shoes. In that case, slip-ons provide added flexibility and comfort when putting on your footwear.


Clogs are excellent for swollen feet and come in various styles and colours. Clogs come in a variety of materials, including leather and rubber. The rubber variety is lightweight and easy to clean, while the leather style adds extra support and durability. Clogs can be worn with socks or without them, depending on your preference.

Clogs easily slip on and off, so you don’t have to struggle with them when trying to get dressed quickly. They’re also highly comfortable and supportive, allowing your feet to breathe well as they swell. These design shoes are suitable for every outfit and can be worn with skirts, pants or shorts—so there’s no need for women’s and Men’s wide-fit shoes for swollen feet designers that only work with certain outfits.

Sneakers with the wide toe box

  • The toe box is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing sneakers for swollen feet. The toe box should be wide enough to allow your toes some room to move around but not so big that it makes your shoe feel like a clown shoe on steroids.
  • Wide-toed shoes provide comfort for swollen feet and protect against pain and other discomforts associated with swollen feet, such as calluses or corns.

Tips for buying extra wide women’s shoes for swollen feet and men

When you are buying new shoes or sneakers for swollen feet, keep the following information in mind

  • Choose a pair of sneakers with a wide-toe box. This will allow space between your toes and the end of each sneaker so that they don’t touch or rub together too much. It will also prevent blisters from forming on top or between your toes. For example, if you wear size 12 shoes but have enormous feet (and therefore need something more significant), consider buying 13s instead; this will give them more room to expand while still being comfortable.
  • Consider getting insoles that have arch support built into them before buying any shoe. These can make wearing regular ones much more accessible by providing extra cushioning around specific areas where people tend to get foot pain from walking long distances without proper support.

Business casual shoes that provide arch support

It is essential to have supportive shoes if you are suffering from swollen feet. Look for shoes with good arch support, heel support and toe box. They must also have good cushioning, so your feet do not tire quickly. If you are suffering from such a condition, it is important to wear medical shoes for swollen feet that provide good arch support. You can look for shoes that have a removable or adjustable insole so that you can add extra cushioning where your arches are the most prominent.

Keep your feet comfortable and healthy by devoting the time to finding the right fit.

Finding the right fit is essential for your feet and should be a priority.

The following are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing your next pair of shoes:

  • Look at the shoes you already own. How do they feel? Do they pinch, rub or chafe? If so, it’s time to find new shoes that provide more comfort.
  • When trying on a pair of new shoes, ensure you leave enough room between your big toe and the end of the shoe. This gives space for swelling in your foot due to conditions like arthritis and diabetes (as well as pregnancy). Special pregnancy shoes for swollen feet are also available on the market. That will help you prevent foot pain. Additionally, look for a heel that’s wide enough so it doesn’t dig into the back of your foot when walking; this will also help prevent blisters. The most important thing, though, is finding something comfortable because we spend so much time on our feet each day without even realizing it until something hurts us. So make sure those cute flats don’t cause pain down there.


With so many wide shoes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and needs. Once you know what works best for your feet, the possibilities are endless! Whether it’s a pair of ankle-high boots or open-back tennis shoes with arch support—the choice is yours. These styles will keep you comfortable all day long, no matter what type of activity they’re involved in (even if it involves running errands around town).


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