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Why Should We Use LED Strip Light Perth?


LED strip light Perth has been around for years, but it’s still an underutilized lighting option in many homes and businesses. LED strip lights are installed in a variety of ways to provide ambient, task, or accent lighting in any space. While there are other types of LED lights available on the market today, we’re focusing on one specific type for this post: flexible LED strip light! In this article we’ll explore the benefits of using flexible LED strip lights in your home or business to illuminate areas that aren’t as easily reached with traditional lamps and ceiling fixtures.

· Flexibility

LED strip light is incredibly flexible and we can use them in a variety of applications. With LED strip light, you don’t need to worry about getting the perfect angle or length. You can simply cut the LED strip at any point and use it as an extension cord for other lighting sources such as lamps, ceiling fans or wall sconces. Unlike other types of lighting options like halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs that lose their brightness quickly over time due to heat damage. LEDs are more durable and will not fade as quickly.

Led strip light PerthThey are also very energy efficient. So, they can save you money on utilities when compared with other sources of illumination such as fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs which consume much more energy per hour when turned on continuously throughout their life cycle.

· Durability

LED strip light is durable because it’s made of a flexible material. It doesn’t have any moving parts, which makes it more durable than other types of lighting. And, unlike incandescent bulbs, LED strip lights don’t get hot enough to burn you or catch on fire.

The fact that lighting Perth use less energy than many other kinds of lighting means they’ll last longer when you use them for long periods at a time. In addition to this and their lack of moving parts, LED strip lights can be customized with different colors and brightnesses. So, you can choose the ideal set up for your space needs!

·  Energy Efficiency


  • LEDs are more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.
  • LEDs are also more efficient than CFLs.
  • LED strip light is flexible, easy to install and can be cut with connectors to customize your installation. They also have low heat output so they don’t need an air vent or hood like other lighting types do.
  • Most LED strips come in a variety of colors and brightness levels. This makes them ideal for accent lighting around the home or office (or both!). There’s even a wide variety of control options available. You can set them up yourself with no special equipment required or get them professionally installed if you’d rather not fiddle around with wires yourself!

·  Low Heat Output

With the amount of heat produced by LEDs, there is no need for a heat sink or fan. This means that LEDs can be installed directly to the surface where they are used, as long as they are in a ventilated area. You also do not need to worry about running heavy gauge wires or adding extra wiring to your home’s electrical system since LED strip lights don’t require any power conditioning or other wiring accessories.

Suppose you have ever had an LED light fail on you and then heard some kind of buzzing sound when this happens. It is because the LED failed due to overheating and one way that this can happen if it was not wired correctly. If this happens with a regular incandescent light bulb then yes it would cause some damage. But, remember that incandescent bulbs produce more than 90% heat from their bulb while LEDs only produce around 10% heat from their bulbs so even if something were wrong with your installation it is still going to be safe!

·  Customization

LED strip light can be customized to fit any space. It can be cut to size, bent in any direction and installed with double-sided tape or zip ties. It’s also easy to cut with a knife or scissors, so you can shorten the length of your LED light strips and connect them together as needed. You can even use a jig saw or other saws for more precise cutting jobs!

·  Control Options

Let’s start with the most basic option: Control options. LED strip lights Perth come with a variety of control options for you to choose from. Many LED strips have built-in remote controls. They allow you to dim and change the color of your LEDs without needing to get up and fiddle with them. Others can be used with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. So, you can ask your voice assistant to make adjustments on your command! This is especially useful if you’re using a color changing LED light in a room that doesn’t have easy access for wall switches or lamps.

Some LED strips have tunable white technology. This allows them to change their perceived temperature based on ambient conditions like room temperature or time of day. This means they’ll always feel warm regardless of whether they’re red hot or icy cold! There’s also intensity control which allows users who don’t want bright lights shining right into their eyes during night hours. We’ll talk more about this later on when we discuss lighting styles below

·  LED Strip Light Is Flexible, Durable, Energy Efficient And Customizable

LED strip light is flexible. LED strip lights are flexible, and you can bend them into any shape—to fit around furniture, or to cover an entire wall. They’re durable. LED strip lights are very durable. So, they won’t break as easily as incandescent bulbs or even fluorescent tubes do when they’re accidentally knocked over. Since they’re so durable, they can be used in large spaces like warehouses and industrial buildings where there’s lots of activity. They also work well outdoors because they aren’t damaged by wind and rain like other types of lights might be.

LEDs use less energy than traditional lighting sources like incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes do. This means you’ll save money on your electric bill too! And since LEDs don’t get hot when turned on like other kinds of bulbs do, there’s no need for cooling fans which makes them safe for children’s rooms too! Plus if you add up all those savings over time then it will really add up fast!

You can easily control an LED strip light with an app or a remote control. This makes it easy for everyone who lives within range from their smart devices from anywhere inside their house without having to worry about pulling themselves away from whatever else might be going on at home at that moment in time because let’s face it – we’ve got better things waiting outside our doorsteps!


But not all LED strip lights Perth are created equal. We’ve found that there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Xtrasun over other options on the market today, including flexibility, durability and energy efficiency. And with a variety of control options available for each product line, we can help you find just what you’re looking for to suit your needs as well!

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